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Martini Rose Sparkling Grape Beverage, 75 cl - Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

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Discover the allure of Martini Rose Sparkling Grape Beverage, an enchanting non-alcoholic sparkling wine that captures the essence of a rosé sparkling with all the freshness and none of the alcohol. Ideal for those who are mindful of their alcohol intake or simply enjoy the sophistication of a sparkling beverage.

  • Medium Dry with a Fruitful Symphony: Skillfully balanced to offer a medium dry profile, this sparkling wine is a celebration of fruity notes.
  • Raspberry, Strawberry, and Wild Rose: Each sip reveals a delightful blend of raspberry and strawberry flavors, enhanced with the delicate scent of wild roses.
  • Vacation Vibes in Every Glass: Martini Rose is more than just a drink; it's a getaway in a glass. It evokes the feeling of a relaxing vacation with its bubbly and fruity character.

Why Choose Martini Rose Sparkling Grape Beverage?

  • Stylish and Refreshing: A perfect blend of style and refreshment, this non-alcoholic sparkling wine is a fashionable choice for any occasion.
  • Versatile for Celebrations and Relaxation: Whether you're toasting a special occasion, enjoying a quiet evening, or seeking a festive drink, Martini Rose fits every setting.
  • Inclusive Drinking Experience: An excellent option for those seeking to moderate their alcohol intake without sacrificing the pleasure of a well-crafted sparkling beverage.

Pack Size: 75cl - Generously proportioned for sharing and savoring.

Martini Rose Sparkling Grape Beverage is your go-to choice for a bubbly, fruity, and non-alcoholic wine experience. It's perfect for those moments when you want to indulge in the pleasure of a sparkling drink without alcohol.

Add it to your cart today, and let Martini Rose bring a touch of vacation joy to your everyday life. It's time to let the good times roll with a drink that's as enjoyable as it is sophisticated.

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0.0% ABV
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How To Serve

Perfect serve chilled, neat in a flute glass or over ice


Martini Rosé 0.0 is made up of concentrated grape must, natural flavours, natural acidulants and water, then the liquid is carbonated. It also contains preservatives to prevent fermentation or microbiological alterations. Martini Rosé 0.0 has a natural grape must sugar content of 5.9g per 100ml, one of the lowest in the category. Martini Rosé 0.0 contains no added sugar.

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