Budweiser 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Beer, Case 24x33cl |Beer Budweiser | Drink Dry Store

Budweiser 0.0% Non Alcoholic Beer, Case 24x33cl

AED 192.00

Enjoy a zero alcohol beer without compromising on taste or the experience!

Pour a brew after a workout and know there's zero sugar and only 46 calories

Savor the light and crisp taste of Budweiser Beer on any occasion.

Beer Budweiser is known for its crispness and unique taste, making it a popular choice among beer enthusiasts. Grab a bottle of Budweiser and savor its refreshing taste and aroma. Cheers to the beer Budweiser, the king of beers!

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0.0% ABV
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Beer Budweiser is a Pilsner beer that uses barley malt and rice as its grains. Budweiser is best classified as an American lager because of its medium bitterness (IBU of 12), high carbonization, light gold color (SRM of 2-3), the use of rice in the brewing process, and the fact that Budweiser is bottom-fermented instead of top-fermented.


Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Sugar, Natural flavours

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Barcode: 5410228272489

Customer Reviews

Derek, Dubai


This has got to be the best non alcoholic beer I have ever tried! It reminded me of my trips to Brussels last year. It has that malty Blonde Belgian beer taste. Just ordered three more cases for the New Year.

Matt, Abu Dhabi


I have been teetotal for almost two years, this alcohol free beer is the best that we non drinkers have available in Dubai, just wish it was available in more places. What else do you have coming Drink Dry Store?

Patrick, Dubai


By any standards Biere des Amis is an excellent non alcoholic beer. That it is 0.0 and available in the UAE makes its taste even more remarkable. I had to check the label more than once to make sure that it is non alcoholic, it’s that good. A real Belgian Blond.

Debbie S.


The quality of Biere Des Amis is exceptional!

Amanda T.


The Belgium beer is perfect and really tasty

Carine Erasmus


I am very happy with the beer I bought.

Estefa Pastor


Excellent - my preference goes to Biere des amis and St. Peters, I really don't see the difference with normal beer! For a less gassy time (:P) the Proseco is my go to. I would like to try some of those new mocktails soon.

Sebastian, Dubai


I am not the typical non-alcoholic drinker, but really enjoyed what I had so far. Biere des Amis was a pleasant surprise, but I also like the Gin Alternatives.



The beers are excellent! My preference goes to Biere des Amis and St. Peters, I really don't see the difference with normal beer!

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