Crossip Non Alcoholic Pure Hibiscus & Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger – Drink Dry

Crossip Non Alcoholic Pure Hibiscus & Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic, 50cl/2x20cl

AED 134.00

PURE is the non-alcoholic alternative to the classic Italian bitter. The only 0% option to make a refreshing Spritz or the classic Negroni. PURE has a huge depth of flavour. Opening with light florals of hibiscus and eucalyptus, its body builds with notes of pine, clove and cubeb with a long, intense finish. An innovative and unique maceration process to extract the maximum flavour from raw ingredients. Each ingredient is macerated individually to extract the optimum flavour and then blended to create balance. It is then filtered and bottled. Only natural ingredients are used. The process has been developed and is managed in house.

In this bundle, we are pairing it with Double Dutch's Cranberry & Ginger Tonic mixer.

It’s a seductive mixer designed to pair the astringency of quinine with the perfectly balanced sweet’n’sour of cranberry, both warmly followed by ginger’s complex spiciness to linger lovingly on the palate. Blending a light summery aroma with a warm finish, this flavour was created to be the soulmate for all dark spirits.

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0.0% ABV

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How To Serve

Best enjoyed when served chilled

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1x Crossip Pure Hibiscus, 2x Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic (FREE)

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