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Corona Cero & Corona Cero Bottle Opener

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Introducing Corona Cero, the latest innovation from the iconic Corona brand. Experience a unique alcohol-free beer that doesn't compromise on taste. Brewed with a dedication to quality and a commitment to natural ingredients, Corona Cero offers a journey of flavor in every bottle.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Crafted with the finest natural elements to ensure a pure, unadulterated taste.
  • Authentic Corona Flavor: Delivers the classic Corona experience, infused with subtle citrus notes for a refreshingly balanced taste.
  • Zero Alcohol, Full Enjoyment (0.0% ABV): Enjoy the full-bodied taste of beer without the alcohol. Ideal for any occasion where you prefer to skip the alcohol but not the flavor.
  • Low in Calories: With just 56* calories per bottle, it's a guilt-free pleasure for those mindful of their calorie intake.
  • Mexican Heritage, Global Enjoyment: Born on the sunny beaches of Mexico, Corona Cero embodies a global spirit of relaxation and enjoyment.

Pack Size: 24x33cl bottles - Ideal for gatherings, parties, or a relaxing evening.

Rediscover the joy of beer with Corona Cero. Whether you're at a beach party, a family barbecue, or just enjoying a quiet evening, Corona Cero is your go-to choice for a non-alcoholic beer that doesn't compromise on taste.

Order now and immerse yourself in the crisp, refreshing taste of Corona Cero – your perfect companion for any moment.

How to Serve:

  • Serve Chilled: For optimal taste, enjoy Corona Cero chilled.
  • Add a Lime Wedge: Enhance the experience with a fresh lime wedge for that quintessential Corona touch.

    This bundle contains:

    • 24 x bottles of Corona Cero
    • 1 x Corona Cero Bottle Opener
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    How To Serve

    Best served when chilled.

    Other Product Info

    Product Code: 101719


    • 24 x bottles of Corona Cero
    • 1 x Corona Cero Bottle Opener

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