The Smokey Margarita Bundle, 2x50cl | Non Alcoholic Spirits | Drink Dry

The Smokey Margarita Bundle, 2x50cl

AED 240.00

Shake things up with The Smokey Margarita Bundle! These two 50cl bottles of non-alcoholic Crossip spirits will help you craft the perfect Smokey Margarita, without any of the side-effects of the real stuff! A "smokin'" good time awaits.

FRESH Citrus has an array of punchy fruity flavours . The opening combination of pink grapefruit and orange is a bold start. The body develops with the citrus of lemon and eucalyptus. All bound together with a crisp light bitterness.

DANDY is the luxurious, meaty, deep non-alcoholic you’ve been waiting for.  It opens with smoky lapsang tea flavour building with hints of almond. The long, round body, full of malt, clove and nutmeg allows for the indulgent middle.

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0.0% ABV
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How To Serve

Best enjoyed when served chilled

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1x Crossip Non Alcoholic Spirit Dandy Smoke, 1x Crossip Spirit Fresh Citrus

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