French Bloom le Rosé Sparkling Wine, Case 6x75cl – Drink Dry
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French Bloom le Rosé Sparkling Wine, Case 6x75cl

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Le Rosé offers a well-balanced complexity of minerality and freshness with rose petals and freshly picked berry aromas, to finish on delicate peach notes. French Bloom is made from a blend of de-alcoholized organic French Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, organic grape juice, Gensac spring water and natural organic flavors such as lemon. 

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0.0% ABV

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How To Serve

To fully enjoy the aromas of French Bloom, we recommend that you serve Le Rosé very fresh (2-4 C°) in a flute, surrounded by those you love.

To enjoy French Bloom differently, pour the Cuvée into a wine glass filled with ice, garnished with raspberries or a slice of strawberry.


French Sparkling Gensac spring water, organic white grape juice, dealcoholized organic wine, organic lemon juice, natural flavor of grape.

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