Double Dutch Ginger Beer, Case 12x200ml – Drink Dry

Double Dutch Ginger Beer, Case 12x200ml

Ginger is a popular ingredient in many mixers, but Double Dutch offers a spiciness and depth of flavour that is strongly unique.

Three different gingers combine to offer a complete taste experience: the first is spicy with a peppery base, the second has a peppery, citrus note and the third is a sweet, earthy flavour with a light zesty finish. Finally, we use a lime note that offers a fresh and juicy flourish to the Ginger Beer.

Tasting Notes

Super spicy holding up against any spirit, with an endless aftertaste of spice and citrus.

0.0% ABV
Dhs. 89.00
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How To Serve

Best enjoyed when served chilled


Carbonated water, sugar beet, natural flavourings, Acid: tartaric acid

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Barcode: 40100113

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