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Lyre’s White Cane Spirit Non Alcoholic Spirit, 70cl

AED 145.00
Introducing Lyre's White Cane Spirit Non Alcoholic Spirit, a captivating beverage that offers a unique and refreshing experience. This 70cl bottle of Lyre's White Cane Spirit is crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing a delightful non-alcoholic alternative for those seeking a flavorful drink.

Indulge in the smooth and invigorating flavors of Lyre's White Cane Spirit Non Alcoholic Spirit. Each sip reveals a delicate balance of sweetness and citrus, with hints of vanilla that create a truly enjoyable taste experience. This meticulously crafted spirit captures the essence of its own unique character, offering a delightful and satisfying option for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

Unlock your creativity with Lyre's White Cane Spirit Non Alcoholic Spirit in the world of mixology. Whether you're crafting alcohol-free cocktails or mocktails, this versatile spirit opens up a world of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild as you create refreshing and innovative concoctions that showcase the vibrant and refreshing nature of Lyre's White Cane Spirit.

Lyre's White Cane Spirit is not merely a substitute for traditional spirits; it stands on its own as a sophisticated and vibrant beverage. Crafted with dedication, it provides a premium drinking experience without the presence of alcohol. Whether you're looking to moderate your alcohol intake or simply desire a non-alcoholic alternative that delivers on taste, Lyre's White Cane Spirit is a fantastic choice.
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0.0% ABV
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How To Serve

As a classic mixer option, or mix with fresh lime, mint and a dash of soda water for a Lyre’s Mojito. For the more adventurous, shake Lyre’s White Cane with fresh lime to create a Lyre’s Classic Daiquiri. Libations!

Closure: Screw Cap
Bottle Size: 700mL
Alc Vol:  Non-alcoholic
Servings Per Pack 23
Serving Size: 30mL


Water, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavouring, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Caramel Colour (E150d), Stabiliser (Cellulose Gum [E466]), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

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Barcode: 9354596005781

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