Martini Dolce Non Alcoholic Premium Sparkling Grape Beverage, 75cl

Martini Dolce 0.0 is sweet and fruity with hints of pear and apple which makes it ideal for enjoyment on its own or as an accompaniment to lighter dishes. The beverage also shows promise as being a versatile alcohol alternative that could be used to liven up non alcoholic cocktails with a touch of effervescence.

Tasting notes

With delicate notes of citrus, pear and apple and a pleasant fruity and aromatic notes of Moscato, MARTINI DOLCE 0.0 is balanced between acidity and sweetness, creating a long, pleasant well-balanced finish on the palette.

0.0% ABV
Dhs. 65.00
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How To Serve

Best served when chilled


Carbonated water, rectified concentrated grape must from white grapes

Other Product Info

Barcode: 17630040402569

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