Natureo Sparkling Muscat Grape Beverage 0.0%, 75cl

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Step into the world of Natureo Sparkling Muscat Grape Beverage, a radiant non-alcoholic delight that heralds the dawn of the Zero Alcohol Revolution since 2008. Crafted with pride from the sun-kissed vineyards of Catalunya, Spain, this exquisite beverage challenges conventions and redefines the non-alcoholic experience with its pure 0.0% essence.

  • Light and Airy with a Tropical Twist: This sparkling beverage shines in a light pale yellow and presents a lively dance of bubbles that promises a feast for the senses.
  • Floral Whispers and Tropical Murmurs: Each sip unfolds delicate floral notes, intertwined with the exotic sweetness of banana, coconut, and a burst of tropical fruits.
  • A Symphony of Brightness and Cheer: Natureo Sparkling Muscat is an ode to joy and festivity on the palate, with a crisp acidity that conjures the freshness of apples.

Why Embrace Natureo Sparkling Muscat Grape Beverage?

The Pinnacle of Non-Alcoholic Purity: Embodying the essence of the Zero Alcohol Revolution, Natureo offers a pristine, alcohol-free experience without compromise.
A Toast to Sophistication and Harmony: Perfect as a sophisticated aperitif or a companion to the delicate flavors of fish, seafood, and rice dishes, Natureo elevates any culinary encounter.
Celebratory Elegance in Every Sip: Whether marking a special occasion or elevating a simple moment, Natureo adds a touch of elegance and joy with its vibrant character and refined taste.

Pack Size: 75cl - Crafted for moments of celebration and shared pleasure.

Natureo Sparkling Muscat Grape Beverage invites you to partake in the luxury of a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that doesn't just mimic the traditional; it transcends it. Add this gem to your collection and savor the taste of innovation and festivity, all wrapped in a bottle of Natureo. Let every sip be a toast to the future of non-alcoholic indulgence.

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0.0% ABV
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How To Serve

Best enjoyed when served chilled.


Non Alcoholic Muscat Grape Beverage, Carbon Dioxide; Preservative: E-242, and Sulfur Dioxide

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Barcode: 8410113556929

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