Riedel "O" Wine Tumblers + Free Gift, Set of 5 – Drink Dry

Riedel "O" Wine Tumblers + Free Gift, Set of 5

AED 199.00

This set contains 4 pieces "O" Wine Tumbler Cabernet/Merlot and 1 Syrah Decanter.

The machine-made wine glass set of the space saving glass collection "O" Wine Tumbler attracts attention through its stemless design. This makes it less susceptible to glass breakage and easy to put into the dishwasher.

The glass showcases the majestically structured red wines in all their complexity and finesse. "O" is the ideal glass for everyday use and for every occasion.

It is fun, feels good to hold, looks trendy and it works! All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe. 

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Other Product Info

Caring for your RIEDEL Crystal RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe. RIEDEL exclusively recommends MIELE To avoid stains: use soft water (low mineral content) To avoid scratches: Avoid glass contact with other glass or metal To remove stains: use white vinegar If available use a stemware rack

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