VINA’0° le Merlot Organic Non Alcoholic Wine, 75cl

AED 60.00

Savor the Organic Whisper: VINA’0° Le Merlot is not just a wine; it's a heartfelt ode to the organic vineyards that dot the landscape, a non-alcoholic melody crafted for the soul. Each glass is a soft-spoken promise of nature's untouched beauty, wrapped in a velvety red embrace. 🍷

Unfold the Aromatic Journey:

Bouquet of Nature's Best: Picture wandering through a lush berry orchard at dawn, the air filled with the essence of blackcurrant, bramble, cherry, and plum. That's the aromatic journey VINA’0° Le Merlot offers with every sip.
The Soft Touch of Twilight: Imagine the tender caress of the evening's first cool breeze, soft and soothing—that's the sensation this wine brings to your palate, rounded and rich, leaving a whisper of warmth as it fades.
Discover the Unique Allure of VINA’0° Le Merlot:

An Organic Soul: This wine is a testament to the land, to the tender care of organic farming, and to the purity that comes from a commitment to nature.
A Companion for the Quiet Moments: Whether it's the soft murmur of twilight or the gentle buzz of a dinner party, VINA’0° Le Merlot brings a unique touch of serenity and sophistication to every setting.
The Perfect Pair: This wine finds its stride alongside hearty dishes, its rich berry notes and soft finish amplifying the flavors of meats and rich sauces, creating a culinary harmony that sings.
How to Enjoy:
Cradle your bottle of VINA’0° Le Merlot to the perfect temperature, either slightly chilled or at the gentle warmth of room ambiance. As you pour, give the wine a moment to breathe, to spread its wings, allowing the full spectrum of its organic essence to flourish.

Pack Size: 75cl - Bottled with care for evenings that linger and conversations that meander.

Priced at AED 60.00, VINA’0° Le Merlot is more than an organic, non-alcoholic wine—it's a whisper of the earth, a gentle reminder of the beauty in the pause, in the sip, in the moment shared. Invite this unique essence into your space, and let each glass be a journey back to nature, to simplicity, to joy. 🌱

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0.0% ABV
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How To Serve

Best enjoyed when served at room temperature


Non alcoholic Merlot grape, concentrated grape juice, sugar, anti oxidant: sulphites

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Barcode: 5425030342374

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