Just 56 calories per bottle! Whether it's a BBQ, beach day, or just chilling by the pool, our zero-alcohol beer, brewed with 100% natural ingredients ensures fun without the guilt. Grab yours now and toast to good times!

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Why customers love corona cero?

Corona Cero is the ultimate crowd-pleaser for any occasion! Crisp and refreshing just like the original! - Alex
Corona Cero is my top pick for every adventure! Whether I'm hitting the trails or chilling by the beach, it's my go-to refreshment. Couldn't believe it only has 56 calories per bottle! - Jake
Corona Cero is my go-to for refreshment! Low in calories, high on flavor, I just love it! - Sarah
Corona Cero is very refreshing. It has the same taste as the original, but better can enjoy without feeling guilty! - Rob Scott
So pleasantly surprised by how good the Corona Cero tastes. The perfect thirst quencher for a sober weekend. - Jonny Smith

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