The Italian ritual of Aperitivo - you're essential guide to unwinding this weekend with Martini 0.0 Rosé


So what is the Italian ritual of Aperitivo? This isn't just a happy hour. Aperitivo is the moment where friends, colleagues and families gather to spend some quality time together, eating and drinking. Aperitivo is usually at the end of the working day as a way to wind down. That sounds like a good idea, right? 

Meaning "to open" the stomach before dining, the Aperitivo is a perfect partnership between a glass of bubbly and a few light bites to eat. Nothing too filling, so as not to ruin your meal, although in Italy you'll find dinner time to be much later than we're used to anyway! 

Your recipe for a perfect Aperitivo moment at home is a glass of Martini Dolce with a suitably Italian snack. If you're looking for authenticity, why not try to put together a Taglieri of your own? Taglieri is wooden boards with a selection of cold cuts, among which you can find the typical cured meats paired with bread sticks or grilled polenta. If you are hosting guests, a simple yet impressive Italian option is Cicchetti; small slices of bread, served with different toppings: meats, onions and tuna, salmon, pesto… There are no rules or restrictions so enjoy finding your favourite combination! 

Pour a glass of Martini Dolce 0.0 for your version of Aperitivo tonight, and sip your way to La Dolce Vita.

Chin Chin! 

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