We tried Dry July - and here’s our honest thoughts…


Our team member Jonny tried Dry July and is here to give us the low-down on everything he felt in a month with no alcohol.

‘Dry July’ is an annual movement that was started in Australia in 2007 and follows in the footsteps of ‘Dry January’ and ‘Sober October’ while also raising funds to help cancer patients and their families. At Drink Dry we love seeing creative new ways to introduce sober curiosity to new audiences, so we sent in one of our staff members, Business Development Manager Jonny, to see what he thought.

Week One

I’ve just completed Week One of Dry July, and so far I’m feeling great! Cutting out alcohol has definitely given me a clearer head and better concentration, which is a lifesaver when it’s busy at work. I love a pint when I clock out on a friday, but this week I opted for a Biere Des Amis, a 0.0% premium Belgian blonde beer that was perfect for satisfying all my cravings. It was definitely great to have a good quality replacement for a drink that’s in my usual weekly routine.

Week Two

Week two has finished, and I’m continuing to see benefits from cutting out alcohol. As well as having better concentration and motivation, I’m also sleeping more soundly and feeling well-rested. This week was a little harder than the last one when it came to being tempted to have a drink, but I reached for the alcohol-free Stella Artois, since that’s my favourite beer, and it tastes exactly the same. Over the weekend, all the free time I had not recovering from a hangover meant I could be more prepared for the week ahead. Bring on week three!

Week Three

This week I really noticed a change in my health. I’ve lost 1.5kg since starting Dry July because of my reduced calorie intake due to skipping high-calorie alcoholic drinks and I’ve had compliments on losing weight and generally looking well. My skin is also looking a lot clearer and healthier which is great and I’m feeling a lot more confident in myself. Week three has been easier than week two as my usual routines and habits have started to change, so I no longer feel the need to reach towards an alcoholic drink. It really goes to show how with a little bit of effort you can easily make positive changes in your life and really benefit your health.

Week Four

Dry July comes to a close! I can’t believe four weeks of no alcohol have flown by so quickly. By this week, not drinking alcohol feels normal, and I’m proud of myself for easily managing to adapt to the sober curious lifestyle. It’s been great indulging in a wide range of delicious non-alcoholic beverages such as Nirvana beer, Natureo Muscat Grape non-alcoholic wine and Sea Arch Coastal Juniper non-alcoholic gin replacement. Dry July has certainly left me feeling a lot more empowered and inspired to make more positive changes in my life. I feel like a break from drinking and drinking culture has made me feel a lot more in control and rejuvenated. Going forward, I will definitely carry some of the dry lifestyle even when Dry July is over, and recommend others to try it for themselves.

Did you take part in Dry July this year? If so, congratulate yourself with a delicious alcohol-free treat from Drink Dry! If not, we hope you’ll be right there with us come Sober October.

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