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Eid al-Adha is almost upon us, and we can hardly wait! Eid celebrations are a time for love, gratitude and generosity. These are days spent celebrating with family and friends, and a time to spread happiness. If there are people in your life you want to make smile this Eid, Drink Dry has you covered. Read on to discover our top picks for amazing gifts this Eid:

Gift Set Natureo Muscat Taster Bundle

Are any of your friends or family lovers of great tasting, quality wine? Are they also fans of safeguarding their health with no added sugar, unnecessary calories and 0.0% ABV? Look no further than these Natureo Wine taster bundles, which contain two 75cl bottles in a refined giftbox. Available in a variety of combinations including Syrah and Rose, Muscat, Rose and Garnacha.

Bottles of Bellini’s!

Since its creation in a bar in Venice in 1948, the bellini has been a much-loved drink of choice for generations. What if we told you that you could have all the fruity fun and bubbles of a classic venetian bellini, but with no alcohol and only 32 calories? The beautiful pink bottle of Night Orient Bellini makes a perfect gift for cocktail lovers. Or, if you think all your friends might want a piece of the action, we sell the iconic Cipriani Non-Alcoholic Bellini in a hamper of 12 bottles!

Gift a beautiful bottle of bubbles

Eid is truly a celebration, and no celebration is complete without the signifying ‘pop!’ of a bottle of sparkling wine. Perfect as an accompaniment to any dinner or party, you’re sure to be everyone’s favourite guest if you walk in with a bottle of one of our premium non-alcoholic sparkling wines. Our picks are the elegant Vintense Cuvee Prestige Limited Edition in its beautiful gold bottle, the unique Chocolate in a Bottle Gift Box (cocoa and wine all in one) or the stylish Martini gift set, available in Dolce and Rose.

You can even use one of these gorgeous non-alcoholic sparkling wines to whip up a beautiful Eid spritz to celebrate the big day! We would recommend combining 30ml of Crossip Pure with 120ml of Martini 0.0% and garnishing with summery citrus such as oranges and lemon for a refreshing cocktail.

If you’re impressed with the amazing gift options we have on offer this Eid, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Check out our website for more, just make sure to order before 2pm to have access to same day delivery in Dubai. We know you and your loved ones will have a great day with the help of Drink Dry. Have an amazing Eid, and have a delicious drink for us!

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