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An ale is a type of beer that is brewed using warm fermentation. This means that the yeast used to ferment the beer works best at higher temperatures, typically between 60-75°F. There are many different types of ale, including pale ale, amber ale, brown ale, and stout. Pale ales are light in color and have a hoppy flavor, while amber ales are amber-colored and have a malty flavor. Brown ales are dark brown in color and have a nutty flavor, while stouts are the darkest of the ales and have a rich, roasted flavor

How Non-Alcoholic Ale is Made?

Alcohol-free ales are made using the same ingredients as regular ales, including malt, hops, water, and yeast. However, the fermentation process is modified as the alcohol is removed after fermentation.

Alcohol-free ales can be a good option for people who want to avoid alcohol for health or personal reasons, or for those who are driving or operating heavy machinery. They can also be a good choice for people who want to enjoy the flavor of ale without the effects of alcohol. If you are looking for a drinks shop for alcohol-free drinks, you are in the right place.

St Peter's Without Original 0.0% a Delicious Alcohol-Free Ale

At Drink Dry, we provide high quality alcohol-free solutions for those who want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Some people choose to avoid alcohol for health reasons or to prevent health conditions. Some people may choose to abstain from alcohol for religious or cultural reasons or some may avoid alcohol for practical reasons, such as if they are driving or operating heavy machinery.

Our St Peter’s Without Original 0.0% ale is brewed in the heart of the idyllic Suffolk countryside. It is a malty, full-bodied ale that's dark amber in color and bursting with flavor, followed by a refreshing and delicate bitterness. It can provide everything you would expect from a finely brewed ale and it’s completely alcohol-free. It is the perfect drink for a mindful drinker looking to decrease their alcohol intake or for those who are unable to drink alcohol. We bring you St Peter’s Without Original as a lifestyle choice with 25% fewer calories than a standard pint.

Nirvana Dark and Rich Stout 0.0% Will Take The Center Stage in Your Bar

This alcohol-free stout beer with chocolate aromas and hints of vanilla is the perfect drink for everyone. You can enjoy Nirvana Dark and Rick Stout 0.0% any time of the year, no matter what the celebration is. Dark roasted malts in this stout beer will leave you craving for more.

Why You Should Prefer Non-Alcoholic Ale over Regular?

There are a lot of reasons why someone might prefer to stay on the healthier side of alcohol-free drinks. But to give you a few:

  1. Health: Non-alcoholic ale is lower in calories and alcohol than regular ale, which can be beneficial for people who are trying to maintain a healthy weight or reduce their alcohol intake for health reasons.
  2. Responsibilities: It can be a good choice for people who are driving or operating heavy machinery and need to avoid alcohol.
  3. Taste: Some people may prefer the taste of non-alcoholic ale to regular ale, especially if they are looking for a lighter or less boozy option.

Ultimately, the decision to avoid alcohol is a personal one, and people may have a variety of reasons for choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle. Our alcohol-free ales are completely free of alcohol which makes them the safest choice if you are looking for alcohol-free drinks.



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