Bring Home The Taste of Italy with Martini Dolce 0.0 now available at Drink Dry


Few places in the world inspire the soul as Italy does. The art, the markets, the food, and the smiling families all feel filled with La Dolce Vita. A phrase used to express a life full of pleasure, it is something we could all use an extra helping of as we get back to the grind after a summer break. 

Whether you have been to Italy recently, have memories from years back, or are following along as Ben and Jennifer enjoy their second honeymoon there, it is a place that lives on long after you leave. So, we're happy to bring a taste of it to your doorstep this month to revitalise your fondest memories with two non-alcohol drinks from Martini. 

Originating from Turin in Northern Italy, the house of Martini is part of the Italian Lexicon. The brand is known for its commitment to doing things today as it did when it started. Their grapes are still sourced from the same Italian region today (Asti, Pessione, and Veneto) as they were from the original Wine Masters 150 years ago. Proud of their expertise in blending botanicals, their non-alcohol options are not a new venture but a welcome evolution of their traditions. 

 Botanical - Bubbly - Balanced 

Martini Dolce 0.0, a premium, alcohol-free sparkling grape beverage - it is nothing short of an escape to Italy in every glass. You can almost taste the botanical-rich foothills of the Italian Alps, the fresh air from the Genoa port, and the refreshing hints of citrus, pear and crisp apple. With delicate fruity and aromatic notes, Martini Dolce 0.0 is balanced between acidity and sweetness, creating a long, pleasant, well-balanced finish on the palette.


Chin Chin!


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