If You are in The Search of a Non Alcohol Shop Dubai, We Got You Cover – Drink Dry

If You are in The Search of a Non Alcohol Shop Dubai, We Got You Covered!


non alcoholic shop Dubai

Are you looking for non alcoholic shops Dubai? Look no further than Drink Dry! As the UAE's first dedicated non-alcohol shop Dubai, Drink Dry has everything you need to quench your thirst without the alcohol.

As a non alcohol shop Dubai, we offer a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, spirits, and even mocktails. Our selection of drinks is carefully curated to provide the best possible options for those who prefer to avoid alcohol.

What sets Drink Dry apart from other shops is their commitment to quality. We source our products from around the world, including many artisanal and small-batch producers. This means that our selection is not only diverse, but also of the highest quality.

Whether you're in the mood for a crisp and refreshing beer, a rich and complex wine, or a sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail, Drink Dry has you covered. We also offer delivery throughout Dubai, so you can enjoy our selection from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other! Meet With Our Taster Bundles

Do you want to try something new but don't want to commit to a whole bottle or pack? If you answered yes, then our taster bundles in our non alcoholic shop Dubai are your new best friend!

Taster bundles are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They allow you to try a variety of different drinks without having to commit to a full-sized bottle or pack. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a craft beer lover, taster bundles have got you covered.

With a taster bundle, you can try a range of different drinks from the same brand or even different brands. This is perfect for those who are looking to expand their palate and try new things.

What we suggest from our non alcoholic shop Dubai:

Natureo 0.0% Duo Taster Bundle

Are you in search of a refreshing and flavorful way to experience the Spanish way of life? This taster bundle features two delicious non-alcoholic wines from Spain: the Natureo Muscat 0.0% and the Natureo Garnacha Syrah 0.0%.

The Natureo Muscat 0.0% is a pale yellow color and offers delicate floral aromas of orange blossom, along with fruit aromas of reinette apple. It has a soft and lightly effervescent mouthfeel and finishes with a citrusy flavor of quince. This wine is perfect for pairing with light salads or seafood dishes.

On the other hand, the Natureo Garnacha Syrah 0.0% is a dark cherry red color and has intense and sensual fruit aromas of blackberries, along with a touch of spice from clove. It has a soft and supple texture, making it a perfect match for grilled meats or hearty pasta dishes.

Vintense Still Wines Taster Bundle

This bundle contains two bottles of Vintense's delicious and sophisticated non-alcoholic still wines, allowing you to taste and compare the unique flavours and aromas of each.

First up, the Vintense O°rigin Les Galets, a red wine made from a French Syrah and Grenache blend. This wine boasts a deep and dense colour with slightly purplish glints, and a beautiful structure thanks to the combination of these two grape varieties. The Grenache offers a roundness of character while the Syrah provides the flavours of black fruits, baked bread, and floral notes. This non-alcoholic red wine is full of generosity and tasting pleasure!

Next, we have the Vintense Cepages Syrah, a non-alcoholic rose wine made with 100% Syrah grape variety. This wine will captivate you with its freshness and hints of red fruit, such as raspberries, red currants, and peaches. It's a pure pleasure for your barbecues, salads, and appetizers. This Syrah rose wine is sure to please any rose wine lover with its delicate and subtle flavour profile.

Beer Taster Bundle

Whether you're sober curious or simply prefer the taste of beer without the buzz, this bundle at our non alcoholic shop Dubai has got you covered.

First up, we have Stella Artois 0.0%. Yes, you read that right, the classic Belgian pilsner now comes in an alcohol-free version! With a clean and crisp taste and a refreshing finish, this beer is perfect for a sunny day on the patio.

Next, we have Heineken 0.0%. Another iconic beer that has been de-alcoholized, Heineken 0.0% still maintains its signature flavor and aroma. It's a light and easy-drinking beer that pairs well with a variety of foods or can be enjoyed on its own.

Last but certainly not least, we have Nirvana Traditional Pale Ale 0.0%. This beer has a golden color and a hoppy aroma that is balanced by a sweet maltiness. It's a great option for those who want to enjoy the taste of a classic pale ale without the alcohol.

Grab a friend, grab some snacks and enjoy a cold one, or six.

Sangria 0.0% Taster Bundle at Our Non Alcoholic Shop Dubai

With summer just around the corner, there's no better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with a refreshing, alcohol-free drink that's bursting with flavour.

Our Sangria 0.0% taster bundle includes everything you need to create the perfect party drink. We've carefully selected the best non-alcoholic ingredients to create a delicious and refreshing Sangria that everyone will love.

The bundle includes a bottle of Natureo 0.0%, which offers delicate floral and fruit aromas with an exquisite citrusy finish. We've also included a bottle of Crossip Pure Hibiscus, which is a spicy, complex mixer that adds depth and character to any drink. And to top it off, we've included premium Double Dutch Soda Water to give your Sangria that perfect sparkle.

With these three ingredients, you'll be able to create a refreshing, alcohol-free Sangria that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're throwing a summer BBQ, celebrating a birthday, or just want to relax with friends, Sangria 0.0% is the perfect drink for any occasion.

Mom's Night In Taster Bundle

Moms, it's time to put your feet up, grab your favourite snacks and get ready for a night in with the Mom's Night In taster bundle at our non alcoholic shop Dubai!

This bundle at our non alcoholic shop Dubai has been specially curated by our Mom Squad to give you the perfect selection of non-alcoholic drinks for a relaxing evening at home.

First up, we have Natureo Red 0.0% and Natureo White 0.0%, perfect for those who still want the taste of wine without the alcohol content. Natureo Red 0.0% offers fruity and floral aromas, while Natureo White 0.0% offers delicate citrus and tropical notes.

For a more premium option, we have included Vintense Prestige, a beautiful alcohol-free sparkling wine that offers notes of white fruits and a delicate acidity.

But it's not just about the wine! The Mom's Night In taster bundle also includes Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn, a delicious non-alcoholic spirit that offers a complex blend of botanicals. And for something a little different, we have included Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Tonic, a refreshing mixer that pairs perfectly with your favourite non-alcoholic spirits.non alcoholic shop Dubai

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