Drink Dry approved tips for choosing a wine hostess gift


Let's say you've been invited to one of those fabulous dinner parties or Iftars: you've picked out your outfit, and you have a few fun conversational topics in your back pocket. Next step: make sure you show up with a thoughtful hostess gift in hand! That's the kind of good etiquette that would make your mom proud.

Ask anyone who regularly entertains what her most frequently received hostess gift is, and you'll hear a common answer: wine, of course! It's easy to understand why people give wine as a hostess gift: wine is traditional, and bringing a bottle is an easy way to not show up empty-handed. But how do you know the best wine to bring? (Spoiler alert: we're about to tell you!)

Read on to find out which wine bottles make the perfect gift!

Tip #1: Choose a bottle of wine as a gift

Choosing a bottle of wine as a gift can be a thoughtful gesture that shows your appreciation for your host or hostess. This season, consider gifting a non-alcoholic wine that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their drinking preferences. With a wide variety of options to choose from, including reds, whites, and sparkling, you can find the perfect bottle to suit any occasion. Whether you're attending a Iftar party, a family gathering, or a casual get-together, a bottle of non-alcoholic wine can be a great way to share in the celebration while also showing your thoughtful consideration for your host or hostess.

Tip #2: Bring Two Bottles Of Wine

The best hostess gifts are thoughtful tokens of appreciation for the time, care, and expense of putting on such a special event. They should be something the host can enjoy on a future occasion! Don't get me wrong-- a bottle of delicious beverage will be appreciated; after all, it's something you and the other guests will enjoy-- but it's not really a gift for the host themselves.

Handing over a bottle of wine when you walk in the door can present an awkward dilemma for a wine-loving hostess: she'll feel obligated to open and serve it during the party, which is tricky if she's specifically chosen wines for the theme or menu she's planned. Your bold, rich red wine may not be welcome on the table full of crisp whites at a summer seafood feast (although you can always check in with the hosts ahead of time to see if they have any wine requests!)

A better idea: bring two bottles, and specifically let them know that one is for them to enjoy in the future; and the other they're welcome to open at the party— if they want! You can get creative with wine gift tags and label one bottle 'for now' and the other 'for later.' One helpful tip is to bring one chilled bottle ready to serve and your second bottle at room temperature, with a pretty gift wrap, to take the guesswork out of it for your host. Invite to the next party, unlocked!

Tip #3: Give A Wine With A Story

To me, wine's perfect pairing is... a story or memory! (Stay with me here...) Giving wines with a great story or some context makes them a memorable, fun gift. It's the thought that counts, after all! If you know of a favorite destination of your host-- like that summer they spent abroad in Spain, why not choose a wine from that place?

Tip #4: Presentation Is Everything

Be creative with your presentation! A fantastic touch is to wrap your wine in a pretty tea towel or flour sack towel and tie on some decorative dried flowers, fruit, and herbs with twine and floral wire. Not only will they be impressed by your DIY efforts, but they'll have the tea towel to use in the future. Say hello to the perfect housewarming gift!

Tip #5: Give a bottle they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves

While you might be familiar with your host's favorite Sunday night Pinot Grigio, if they already have a whole garage full of it-- that's not a unique treat for them. I recommend giving them wines they don't already have in their collection. Dessert wine is such an incredible treat!

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