Make looking after your health easy AND delicious this summer with the help of Jukes Cordialities

Overindulged this summer? Ready to feel like your best self again? Don’t worry! Drink Dry has the solution...

No one can deny that summer is a time for treating yourself, and that’s not a bad thing! From the full family BBQs, to the luxurious holidays, to the countless late nights, we can guarantee that the schedule has been thrown out the window and the drinks and food have been flowing.

When the social calendar is as full as it is in summer, we understand that you simply don’t have time to do your usual meal preparations or gym sessions. If this all strikes a chord with you, and all this over-indulgence and lack of health focus has left you feeling a bit worse for wear, we’re here for you.

September is drawing closer, and we think it’s the perfect time to start realigning yourself with your personal health and wellness goals, and taking some much needed time for self care. Cutting down on your alcohol intake is a great way to do this, as health benefits include weight loss, better concentration and more restful sleep to name a few.

Never fear! Cutting down on your alcohol doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste, or be left out of parties and functions. Allow us to introduce you to Jukes Cordialities.

The concept behind Jukes Cordialities is simple: non-alcoholic cordials that you mix with chilled water to create delicious and flavourful drinks that anyone can enjoy. Available in a range of flavours, as creator Matthew Jukes believed that limiting alcohol shouldn’t mean missing out on fun or compromising on taste. We totally agree!

Jukes are perfect for when you’re trying to focus more on your health and wellbeing, as they’re organic drinks that contain nearly a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which has amazing health benefits. All Jukes drinks are fewer than 17 calories and have less than 3.5g of natural sugar, meaning you can relax and enjoy a tipple of your choice without feeling guilty! They’re more than just alcohol-free, they’re also vegan, halal and gluten free too!

With the simplicity and versatility of Jukes, keeping fit while enjoying a unique drinking experience has never been easier. Shop the range today at Drink Dry!

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