Planning a summer BBQ? Make sure to add Jukes to the shopping list!


Introducing ‘Jukes’, Drink Dry’s new favourite non-alcoholic cordials that taste just like great wines. Read on to find out how well they’ll match with your favourite summer dishes.

The newest member of the Drink Dry family, ‘Jukes’ was pioneered by the eponymous wine taster and writer Matthew Jukes, whose goal was to create a rewarding and refreshing non-alcoholic drink. And let us assure you - he succeeded.

Not only are Jukes Cordialities elegant and complex in flavour, they’re made with completely natural ingredients. They’re organic apple cider vinegar based drinks, which has loads of health benefits, made with several dozen vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and flowers.

We’re introducing three of Jukes Cordialities to Drink Dry:

Jukes 1 : Classic White

Jukes Classic White is built on a fresh and bright flavour profile of citrus and herbs, and is perfect for white wine lovers. With 0.0% ABV, Jukes 1 is perfect whether you’re just looking after your health, the designated driver, pregnant or simply looking for a new flavour experience. Pair it perfectly with white meat such as chicken skewers, or barbecued halloumi kebabs to impress all your guests this summer.

Jukes 6 : Dark Red

If you’re more a fan of the deep flavours of red wine, try Jukes 6, which is fruity and spicy in style. Jukes drinks are uniquely versatile: you can pair Jukes 6 with still water for a classic dark red, or even with ginger ale, lemon and a cherry garnish for a delicious Jukes 6 temple that’s sure to impress your guests! However you drink it, you’re guaranteed to have a clear head the next day with the no alcohol content.

Jukes 8 : Rosé

Rosé the day away with the taste of Jukes 8! Like all your favourite rosés, Jukes 8 is perfumed and refreshing with a dry finish. The difference however, is Jukes 8 is beneficial for your health as it has 0.0%ABV, plant based and low calories. We recommend serving with some delicious Barbecued prawns, with the full recipe on Jukes Cordialites website.

Each bottle of Jukes makes approximately two 125ml glasses, and each box contains 9 bottles. We love the way there’s no wrong way to serve Jukes, so you can enjoy experimenting with still water, sparkling water, tonic or your favourite mixer to find which works for you. Try today from Drink Dry!

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