Meet Lyre's: The premium Australian brand here to expand your drinking experiences.


It's official, Drink Dry has added a new drink brand to its inventory. Introducing: Lyre's. Lyre’s was founded by Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann in Australia in 2019. Since then, they've won more than 350 awards for their products at competitions like the London International Spirits Competition.

The founders have named the brand after a bird native to Australia: the lyrebird. This bird is known for its incredible ability to mimic sounds it hears, from chainsaws to mobile phones. The founders wanted a name that would be memorable—and fittingly fun—for their company's focus on creating high-quality beverages without alcohol content.

With 0% alcohol, but with all the taste of them. It's the perfect brand for a non-drinker, as well as for many drinkers that want to expand their drinking experiences.

In 2019, Lyre’s founder entered their non-alcoholic red vermouth containing 46 natural ingredients into Concours d’Spirits, a tasting competition at SommCon in San Diego, the beverage industry’s leading conference. When asked about the competition, the founder mentioned “There were no rules that said the vermouth had to contain alcohol. I’m Australian and we don’t like rules very much.” The outcome? Four master sommeliers and four industry journalists judged the vermouth category and Lyre’s won first prize and a double gold medal. “Some sommeliers laughed, others were furious.” We love this story shared by Esquire to capture the Lyre’s founder’s energy and enthusiasm when it comes to flavour.

Wondering where to start with the Lyre’s range? We recommend their single-serve Classico cans. This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a sparkling wine as an aperitif with flavours that are distinct and contemporary.

We’re incredibly proud to be bringing the Lyre’s drinking experience to you here in the UAE, and we’re excited to hear your thoughts. If you’re looking for some serving inspiration, be sure to check out both Lyre’s and Drink Dry on Instagram, where you’ll find recipes and ideas.

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