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3 Non-Alcoholic Spritzers to Unwind This September

3 Non-Alcoholic Spritzers to Unwind This September


We all love to have a drink or two to unwind ourselves, cool down after work or to chill during the weekends. 

But if you are someone who abstains from alcohol, there is no need to feel left out this September!

There is a whole world of delicious non-alcoholic spritzers out there for people like you who don't drink at all or want to cut back on drinking. 

Whether you're trying to avoid hangovers, live a healthier lifestyle, or just want some variety in your life, check out these three tasty non-alcoholic spritzers from Drink Dry.

1.  Hugo Cocktail

Hugo Non Alcoholic Cocktail

It is said that Hugo was first made in Northern Italy in 2005. 

It is a refreshing drink with a minty flavour and a touch of lime. The drink can be made in under 4 minutes so is ideal for unexpected guests or when you quickly want to sip something refreshing without spending a lot of time. 


How to make it?

  1. Rub the mint between your palms to add it’s oil to the wine glass. The oils will add the mint flavor to the drink 

  2. Add Elderflower Cordial syrup to the glass as per taste. You can either make it at home or easily buy it from the market

  3. Top the glass with Vintense Prestige

  4. Splash it with Dvasia London Blend and Soda lime at the end

Don’t forget to Garnish with a slice of Lime before serving to give it a refreshing look.

2. Rhubarb and Ginger Fizz 

Rhubarb and Ginger Fizz Non Alcoholic Spiritz

You are not alone if you are unable to pronounce “Rhubarb” properly. 

But that shouldn’t be a reason not to enjoy this pink and fizzy non-alcoholic cocktail. It is ideal for celebratory moments, just like a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. 


How to make it?

Add non-alcoholic Dvasia Rhubarb & Raspberry non alcoholic gin and Double Dutch Ginger Ale from Drink Dry in a champagne flute and stir until both have properly mixed. 

Sour up the drink with some Lemon juice, add some ice and serve it.  

3. Green Apple and Blueberry Spritz 

Green Apple and Blueberry Non-Alcoholic Spritz

This non-alcoholic spritz is ideal for those who want a fruity flavored drink. It's a bold and refreshing spritz with a touch of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. 


How to make it?

Add DVASIA Green Apple & Gooseberry Non Alcoholic Gin and Vintense Cuvee Prestige to a glass and gently mix. 

Top up the glass with fresh Blueberries and squeeze some Lemon as per taste. 

These were the top three zero proof drinks to try this September. From the refreshing Hugo Cocktail to the pleasantly fruity flavored Apple and Blueberry Spiritz, these non-alcoholic drinks will quench your thirst without breaking the bank or giving you a hangover. 

Best of all, you can prepare them in less than five minutes, ideal for unexpected guests.   

Don't forget to buy the relevant non-alcoholic drink from Drink Dry Store so you can stay hydrated and refreshed without compromising on flavor, fun or quality! 

So try all of them and let us know which one is your favorite? 

We are eager to hear from you! 

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