From strength to strength - The ‘NoLo’ alcohol industry is on the rise and Drink Dry is riding the wave


We take a look into why society is leaning more into a sober curious mindset, and how the beverages industry is adapting to this change.

It’s not just here in the UAE that we’re seeing an increase in interest in non-alcoholic alternatives for classic drinks. All over the world, people are making the change to either stop drinking all together, or simply reduce their alcohol consumption. According to research done by Nielsen, brands saw a 315% increase in no and low alcohol beverages (known as ‘NoLo’ drinks) in 2020. Furthermore, this year the Bacardi Cocktail Report found 58% of global customers are expected to drink more NoLo drinks this year than last year.

This trend is certainly being followed in the UAE, with Drink Dry at the forefront as the first premium non-alcoholic drinks marketplace in the Middle East. Businesses in the UAE, such as popular restaurant The Scene in Dubai, have been stocking Drink Dry’s luxury NoLo alternatives for some time, and communities are springing up encouraging others to share in their sober curiosity through recipes and events.

We’re looking into why this sector is growing so rapidly, and how our favourite drinks are matching the pace and stepping up to the mark of premium and unique Non-Alcoholic beverages.

A new way to drink?!

One reason the NoLo movement is growing with such speed is that innovative and inspired products are attractive to the modern consumer, and the NoLo area lends itself to that as it is relatively unexplored. As system processes and technology improves exponentially, drinks are being curated that completely match if not surpass the sensation of traditional alcoholic drinks, and even create sensations customers haven’t seen before.

For example, Crossip Non Alcoholic Spirits pride themselves on spending 5 years perfecting the ultimate sensory experience. Each bottle contains a completely delicious and imaginative mix of natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, cayenne and ginger. This unfiltered creativity encourages customers to try new NoLo drinks, for the chance to have a completely new flavour experience.

Prioritising wellbeing

Another way this industry is progressing is becoming better for your body and wellbeing in more ways than just low alcohol. Since the pandemic, NoLo sales have skyrocketed. For example over in the UK, the market reported a 32.5% increase in consumption in the first lockdown. This is linked to how Covid has created a generation of more health conscious people: people looking for healthier ingredients, which are therefore better for their well-being and the planet.

This too links to our NoLo products, such as Sea Arch’s Non-Alcoholic Spirit. Pioneered by Sarah and Geoff Yates in Devon, UK, Sea Arch is more than just alcohol free. It’s also Vegan, Sugar-Free, Calorie Free, Sweetener Free and Allergen Free… Wow, that’s some list! Perfect for the growing number of people who are focusing on their health.

A drink for everyone

It’s not just Non-Alcoholic Spirits that are being loved at the minute, Non-Alcoholic Wines or Beers are also on the rise. Non or Low Alcoholic beers are stocked in almost every bar and venue, due to growing awareness of the benefits of reducing alcohol intake. Non alcoholic wine such as our favourite Natureo Wines have half the calorie intake of a usual bottle of wine, so are seen as an attractive option for those focusing on their health.

Overall, here at Drink Dry we are happy to be part of a global movement towards a happier and healthier society. NoLo drinks are the cutting edge of innovation in health and flavour, and Drink Dry has a whole range for you to try. Whether you’re interested in taking your first step into sober curiosity, or you’re a seasoned professional, we are happy to be on this journey together.

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