Happy International Women’s Day! We ask 3 inspiring female role models how they plan on Breaking the Bias this year


International Women’s Day is a day extremely close to our hearts; it’s a day to appraise, celebrate and relish in the social, cultural and economic achievements of women, while also opening up conversations about dismantling patriarchal parts of society. This year the theme is #BreaktheBias: essentially how we can change our own actions in order to fight against struggles in our workplaces, communities, schools and homes.

Drink Dry itself was founded by a female entrepreneur, which is all the more reason why we feel the need to celebrate this day and amplify women’s voices. That’s why we’re honouring this day by sharing the stories of 3 inspirational female figures in the UAE, and their answer to this year’s question - how do you plan on breaking the bias this year?

Kelly Marie Hodgkin

Kelly Marie Hodgkin is a powerhouse: balancing being a brand ambassador, company director, entrepreneur and investor all at once. This involves overseeing high profile events, running the modelling and promotions division at PPMG, and investing in young dynamic lifestyle brands.

Despite Kelly’s wildly successful adult life, things have not always been so easy for Kelly. She was born in London, one of three sisters, to a mother who struggled with addiction issues, and therefore Kelly and her sisters spent a large proportion of their childhood in and out of care. Kelly’s determination allowed her to turn her life around and live the life she deserves, no matter how difficult the start was.

How will you continue to Break the Bias this year?

“I must remain headstrong, business savvy, but most importantly remain genuinely me. Remember where I came from and always move with a grateful heart”

Anisha Oberoi

Back in 2010, Anisha Oberoi was battling breast cancer, and was discouraged to find no toxin free beauty or personal care products that wouldn’t impact her health, hormones or fertility. This inspired her to create a brand that women like her could trust, and ten years later Secret Skin was born. Secret Skin promises customers safe and affordable beauty/personal care products that are sustainably sourced, cruelty free and gender neutral. Since its birth in 2020, Secret Skin has received wide coverage locally and internationally, and took home the prestigious She Loves Tech competition title for the Middle East.

On top of owning her own business, Anisha also works with hospitals to raise awareness surrounding early detection of breast cancer, a cause close to her heart after her own experience. As if that isn’t enough, she also mentors young women leaders and MBA aspirants to aid their career progression path.

How will you continue to Break the Bias this year?

“I don’t think it’s our responsibility only in March to do something to break the bias. I recently became a part of ‘2022 Female Angels’, a movement that aims to change the dialogue on gender Venture investments by having 2022 Female Angels publicly listed by the end of 2022. I’m proud to share that 60% of Secret Skin’s investor’s are women ... It’s fantastic that we see women investing in women, both professionally and financially.”

Natasha Hatherall-Shawe

Natasha is the founder and CEO of TishTash; one of the most sought after independent agencies in the UAE. She is truly an aspirational figure, with 20 years of experience and a varied career across marketing, media planning and buying, public relations and more. She also holds a PHD in psychology and marketing.

Natasha, or Tash as she is often known, describes herself as a ‘female focused’ PR and Marketing agency, with 36 working as employees. International Women’s day is a day close to her heart, as she is passionate about supporting women in business and the unique challenges they may face.

How will you continue to Break the Bias this year?

“I continue to #BreaktheBias each and every day, not just this month, in my mission to champion women and support those who work for me in having a great career and a family with true flexibility and a kind and supportive environment to grow and be heard.”

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