Natureo 0.0% by Familia Torres is Now Available Across the Hospitality Industry in the UAE


Drink Dry has partnered up with Classic Fine Foods to offer Natureo 0.0% by Familia Torres across the hospitality industry in the UAE.

 Another iconic alcohol free brand lands in Dubai.

Drink Dry is thrilled to announce that we are the official importer and distributor of Natureo 0.0% by Familia Torres in the UAE.  

We have partnered up with Classic Fine Foods to offer Natureo Muscat 0.0% and Natureo Garnancha Syrah 0.0%  across the hospitality industry all over the UAE.  

 This is in addition to the drinks being available on Drink Dry’s e-store.  

About Familia Torres 

Familia Torres is not just another ordinary player in the non-alcoholic drinks space. It pioneered the Zero Alcohol Revolution in 2008 with the launch of Natureo 0.0% Grape Beverage - no added sugar, no sweeteners, no acidity regulator, no synthetic tannins, no artificial flavors or colors. 

Familia Torres owns and manages the entire journey of the production of Natureo 0.0% Grape Beverage, from growing and picking the grapes in their family vineyards in Catalonia to printing the labels and putting the final touches.

The end result is their iconic 0.0% Grape Beverage. 

About the Classic Fine Foods 

As the name depicts, Classic Fine Foods works to bring the finest food from around the world for its beloved customers.  

Classic Fine Foods operates in 11 different countries across Europe, Middle East and Asia.  

 In the UAE, the company works with the best 5 star hotels, caterers, bakery shops, restaurants and retail outlets, bringing them the best-in-class produce.

 Drink Dry is proud to have partnered up with such an experienced player for Natureo 0.0% On Trade distribution.   

Another Step in the right direction 

Ever since our inception, we have been working tirelessly to make non-alcoholic drinks accessible all over the UAE. Consequently, we have partnered up with many renowned players in the hospitality and retail sector over the past few months.  

The joining of hands with Classic Fine Foods and Familia Torres is another step in that direction.  

Stay tuned for all the exciting news on Natureo 0.0% for the next few months!

Cheers to the Zero Alcohol Revolution!


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