Celebrate Easter in style with Chocolate in a Bottle!


Easter is here, a time for love, gratitude, family and most importantly… chocolate! Easter has become a time to treat yourself, and those around you, and indulge in a few sweet treats. After all, having a sweet tooth isn’t just reserved for kids! We have a product that’ll ensure you’re just as excited as a child would be on Easter.

Chocolate in a Bottle is the grown-up answer to an Easter egg. A smooth, crisp, sparkling alcohol-free white wine made with the finest Chardonnay grapes from the south of France. What really makes it special, however, is the extracts of rich cacao and hazelnuts, creating the delicate aroma of chocolate in the mouth! While the kids in your life tuck into chocolate bunnies and eggs, you can relax with your own special sweet treat.

What’s more, Chocolate in a Bottle is a perfect treat for the health conscious among you. Firstly, with 0.0% ABV it is perfect for anyone completely sober or simply sober curious, ensuring no hangover after the big day. Furthermore, it has a lot less calories than a regular wine, and less sugar than options for a real chocolate egg. All this means you can indulge completely guilt free.

Easter is also a time for getting together with friends and family, and Chocolate in a Bottle is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It is sure to be a flavour sensation your guests haven’t tried before, adding a new piece of excitement to old family traditions.

If you’re hosting a dinner party this Easter, make sure to finish it off with Chocolate in a Bottle. Its no alcohol quality and delicious sweet taste means everyone can get in on the fun. It’s a perfect accompaniment to dessert, or even some sweet fruit. If you haven’t got time to prepare a dessert, simply pop a bottle of Chocolate in a Bottle instead to satisfy your guests!

Alternatively, if you’re attending someone’s dinner party or event this Easter, our new Chocolate in a Bottle gift set is the perfect thing to bring with you. Easter is a perfect time for gifting and expressing love and gratitude, and any host is sure to be thankful for such a perfect drink to accompany the Easter festivities.

Order now from Drink Dry for delivery in time to celebrate Easter. Happy Easter!

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