Impress your guests this Ramadan - the ultimate Drink Dry pairing guide


Recently, we shared the exciting news that Drink Dry has paired up with award-winning Italian restaurant Roberto’s to host an exclusive event centered around pairing delicious canapés from their new Ramadan menu with innovative Drink Dry cocktails. This collaboration illuminates the importance of creating the perfect balanced pairing to enhance the experience of discovering new flavours.

On the back of Roberto’s releasing their new menu, which takes a twist on the traditional Iftar meal by combining Arabic flavours with a nod to the house’s Italian roots, we know you might be feeling inspired. After all, Ramadan is a season for hosting, accommodating and welcoming others, and we know you may be looking to up your game and impress your guests by finding the perfect drink to your meal for the ultimate flavour experience.

Read on for some simple tips to help you truly become the host with the most!

If you’re serving..meat

When serving rich meat dishes, red wine is usually your go to, or a refreshing beer if you’re that way inclined. Remember that the wine must have the same flavour intensity as the food so a full bodied red is perfect for richer, meatier dishes. If the meal is fairly simple, a juicy ripe red should fit the bill. Of course, there is no need for this to be alcoholic, as there are plenty of amazing, non-alcoholic wine options with the same full body and intensity as an alcoholic wine.

Drink Dry suggests: Natureo Garnacha Syrah Grape Beverage 0.0% By Familia Torres

If you’re

Usually when serving a fish or seafood dish, a crisp white wine is appropriate. Pinot Gris is known to be the perfect grape in white wine for many fish dishes, due to its high acidity and fruity flavours pairing with oily fish perfectly. A champagne flavour can also pair up well with a lean and flaky fish dish, as it’s zesty and refreshing. Try our suggestion for a perfect, non-alcoholic white wine to serve with fish to get that same satisfying taste pairing.

Drink Dry suggests: Vintense Cuvee Prestige

If you’re serving...vegetables

When serving root vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, it’s best to match with a full-bodied white wine or a light red wine. If you’re serving green vegetables however, a light white wine would be more appropriate. That’s right, delicious wine pairing isn’t just for meat eaters, or alcohol drinkers, as these white wines are all 0.0% ABV.

Drink Dry suggests:Vintense O Rigin Terra Australis

If you’re serving… dessert

Traditionally, sweet dessert wines and champagne are usually served with dessert. It’s important to remember that the wine should always match or be sweeter than the dish. However, if you’re looking for a slightly more bold combination, a well selected mocktail which matches the flavour of the dessert may be the answer for you, for example a coffee based mocktail with a chocolate dessert. Whether you’re leaning towards a cocktail or a wine, Drink Dry has plenty of alcohol-free options that all desert lovers should try.

Drink Dry suggests: Chocolate in a Bottle Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine or Cipriani Non-Alcoholic Bellini

We hope this guide has given you some pointers on how to pair delicious, non-alcoholic beverages with food and amaze all of your guests this season. Order from Drink Dry today and begin your journey towards hosting heave

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