Chocolate in a Bottle - your dinner party companion


Here at Drink Dry, we’re always striving to give you the newest, most innovative ways to drink. Our newest sparkling non-alcoholic wine does exactly that: made from the finest Chardonnay grapes infused with extracts of hazelnut and cacao for a sweet flavour sensation, Chocolate in a Bottle is a true treat for the senses.

A great host has options everyone can enjoy, and if you’re planning on hosting any type of event this year, we can think of a few situations where Chocolate in a Bottle will be the one you’re reaching for!

Alongside your favourite dessert

Chocolate in a Bottle is truly a treat in itself, but we’ve found it pairs even better with dessert. Whether you’re serving up tiramisu at a dinner party or simply sharing a box of chocolates with your other half, Chocolate in a Bottle is your perfect companion. We recommend serving a glass, cold, alongside any of your favourite delights and the night is a guaranteed success.

A guilt-free treat

Picture the scene: a long hard day, you’ve finally got home and are looking for a way to unwind. Instead of reaching for extra calories or a wicked hangover tomorrow, we suggest pouring a generous glass of Chocolate in a Bottle. Its delicate mix of cacao and hazelnuts along with the taste of a luxurious white wine is sure to appease any cravings and pick you up after a hard day. After all, we’re sure you deserve it!

A welcome addition to girls night

If you’re attending an evening with all your favourite girlfriends, and are unsure what to bring, you can never go wrong with Chocolate in a Bottle. Firstly, the fact it’s 0.0% ABV means that everyone, even the designated drivers, can enjoy it. Furthermore, its unique, sweet taste is sure to have all the girls reaching for more. Chocolate in a Bottle also works amazing as a gift, as many of your friends will have never tasted a wine so chocolatey and delicious!

Overall, it’s clear to us why Chocolate in a Bottle is a must for any home bar. Not only is it useful in so many hosting situations, but the combination of celebratory sparkling wine and the indulgence of cacao has all of the Drink Dry team hooked. Pour us another glass please!

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