The Ultimate Guide for a Festive and Fun Alcohol-Free Christmas



 Chances are, if you’ve found your way to this blog, you’re considering a dry Christmas this year.

However, if Christmas has become synonymous with alcohol for you, allow us to introduce you to a new way to be merry at this time of year.

There’s a large community of people choosing alcohol-free options, whether you’re teetotal, pregnant, focusing on fitness goals or simply enjoying a more mindful approach to alcohol.

We get it; on the one hand, you want to enjoy the festivities just like anyone else, but may feel unable to do so without a drink in hand.

Some found a positive change in their lives since the pandemic. As their alcohol intake declined, it gave us an opportunity to reset our relationship with alcohol.

Now we’re at this time of year, you may be simply curious about what an alcohol-free Christmas might look like. If you’re newly sober, or just trying it out for size, it can feel particularly awkward when everyone else is choosing alcoholic beverages.

Our culture at this time of year tends to be centered around having alcohol at social events, and although it can feel overwhelming to some to think of not drinking, it’s also an exciting opportunity to discover some new NOLO options.

Imagine a hangover-free Christmas. Sounds good, right?

It’s easier than ever this year. In the Christmases of the past, there were simply not enough alcohol-free alternatives. Sugary sodas are hardly that festive, and nothing says “Bah Humbug” like drinking plain water, as healthy as it might be.

On top of this, we’ve long been haunted by social anxiety at this time of year. “Is not drinking boring? Am I boring? Do people not think I’m fun?!”

Fast forward to 2021, a new mindset has landed over many, and choosing sobriety has snowballed along with the wellness movement.

With it, we’ve seen some incredible brands release premium, grown-up beverages options that are just as festive, tasty and celebratory as their alcoholic counterparts. Check out our top picks:

For Christmas morning…

Many households have a certain tradition that involves a bubbly breakfast on the big day. Don’t compromise on any festive cheer, and try a Vintense Prestige Cuvee.

For Christmas dinner…

We love a delicious, intense red to pair with our festive feast. Our favourite is Natureo by Famila Torres.

For under the tree…

Make spirits bright this year and give an alcohol-free bottle of gin to someone special. A must-have for any home bar or for the gin-lover in your life, Sea Arch distilled non-alcoholic gin has just landed.

However you’re spending your Christmas this year, we hope to open more and more drinks-lovers to the incredible and fast-moving NOLO industry.

We wish you a sober Christmas, and a hangover-free new year. Click here to discover our festive top picks.

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