Read this before you plan your best friend’s baby shower


If you’ve been granted the task of planning your best friend’s baby shower, you’re in the right place. As it’s a common-known courtesy to serve alcohol-free options at a baby shower, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be serving. We’re here to help, as we’re the experts in making sure everyone attending your event is not just satisfied, but completely in awe of the booze-free beverages you’ve served. Of course, your best friend can’t drink alcohol as she’s pregnant, but that doesn’t mean her baby shower drinks have to be basic or boring. Leave the sugary sodas out, and reach for some of our sophisticated non-alcoholic wines or spirits instead. We are grown-ups, after all.

Read on to discover three of our top picks to serve and wow your guests:

For brunch events…

If you’re creating a brunch-time event, we love this booze-free, bump-friendly bellini idea. Take one of our Vintense Prestige and add fresh orange juice, and serve yourmom-osa’s to your breakfast guests. This non-alcoholic take is a great choice for baby shower brunching and is a great option the pregnant parent-to-be can enjoy too.

What you’ll need... 1 (75cl)Vintense Cuvee Prestige Limited Edition 750ml chilled orange juice (freshly squeezed is always best!) Serve: Chilled in a champagne flute.

For an evening affair...

Our range of Natureo wines are the perfect choice for serving with food. You’ll find all the same complimentary notes and aromas of your favourite wines. Made by Familia Torres in Catalunya, Spain, these are some of our consistently top-reviewed zero alcohol wines. To give the event an elevated feeling of celebration, why not try our favourite French distilled aperitif Alavie before the guests are seated? Alavie is a perfect choice for champagne lovers and is zero-calorie, too.

When serving pastas or roasts, we recommend Natureo Garnacha Syrah Grape Beverage, click to shop. When serving fish or rice dishes, we recommend Natureo Muscat Grape Beverage, click to shop.

For the gender reveal party...

When looking for easy options that require zero pre-planning, we recommend Sea Arch’s pre-mixed cocktail cans. Their signature Sea & T flavour will transport you to a seaside oasis at the first sip. A refreshing and delicious alternative to Gin and Tonic, these cans also have beautiful blue and pink packaging. When the beautiful cans look this good (and match your gender-reveal party colours!) you really can’t go wrong.Shop Sea Arch now


To serve: Chill and display for guests to help themselves - they’ll thank you for introducing them to their new go-to!

Now, go ahead and be the host with the most. Whatever your social event, Drink Dry has refreshments to suit every taste. To stay up to date with all the latest news in the NOLO category, be sure to stay tuned on our Instagram page.

Discover your new favourite and shop our range of high quality non-alcoholic beverages by clicking here.

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