Why tonic water is an essential for every home bar


You will recognize that refreshingly bitter taste in many mixed drinks in many bars in Dubai and beyond. What makes tonic waters such a satisfying staple? Well, if you want to get technical about it, tonic waters contain an ingredient called quinine - a bitter compound taken from the bark of the cinchona tree. That’s the familiar flavour you’ll recognise when you take the first sip of your favourite drinks.

 Perfect alone, or in mixed drinks.

At Drink Dry we want to help our alcohol-free community elevate their home bar to legendary levels. Tonic water is a staple beverage in any home, whether that’s enjoyed solo with ice, or partnered with one of our non-alcoholic spirits. Varied and versatile, tonic water is a refreshing soda water for various mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks enjoyed year round. While tonic and soda water look the same and are equally refreshing, tonic water has a completely different taste, and in our opinion is definitely the more exciting of the two for your home bar collection. We are thrilled to see so many of our favourite craft non-alcoholic beverages brands elevating their tonics to become the well-balanced and unique flavours you can find on our site.

 Hand selected from global brands

For years our options for tonic water were quite limited, but recently, more quality products have emerged. You can bet that Drink Dry will be the destination to find these hidden gems to bring to the UAE. From craft brands, to sugar-free and calorie-free, we have more choices than ever before. Drink Dry is proud to scope out the highest quality brands worldwide to bring to the

growing audience here in the sand pit. We’re kind of nerdy about it actually, and there’s nothing we love more than finding the niche and noteworthy in the sober beverage space.

 Where to start?

Our top pick this month is Double Dutch. Allow us to introduce you to your new favourite premium tonic brand. In a world where the alcoholic drinks category is an ever-changing and ever-growing category, it was Double Dutch who were quick to ask why there was no innovation happening for non-alcoholic drinks. Landing in the UAE all the way from Holland, you can expect bold, new, and unexpected flavour pairings from the brand.

Whether it’s cranberry and ginger, or pomegranate and basil, you’re sure to find your new favourite. Our pro tip? Pair with one of our alcohol-free gin alternatives, pour over ice and serve with a fresh garnish for a refreshing (and hangover-free) G&T.

Shop our range of craft tonic waters by DoubleDutch.

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